Developing Next-Generation Organ and Tissue Transplant Solutions


As perfusion experts, we work with leading academic institutions to expand organ transplantation possibilities and develop innovative medical devices to transform patient outcomes

The Problem

In 2023…

*Based on OPTN Data

88% of people

on the U.S. transplant waiting list needed a kidney

Less than 1/3

received one

90,736 people on kidney waitlist and only 28,239 transplants

At least 10 people

on the waiting list die each day

10 deaths per day


25% of donated

kidneys were not transplanted

Globally only 10%

of the transplant need is met

It’s Time for These Numbers to Change

Our Solution

BMI OrganBank Nest image
DEVOL Solution Acellular Perfusate: Kidney Machine Perfusion Solution
Image of OrganIQ and OrganBank Monitor

The OrganBank Solution

An integrated system designed to support a broad range of clinical environments and workflows

  • OrganBank Transport: Practical organ transportation solution, suitable for ground and air transport
  • OrganBank Nest: “Docking station” for multiple OBT units.  Advanced capabilities allow for longer organ hold times and organ reconditioning
  • OrganBank Monitor:  Mobile app that allows for real time tracking and assessment of organ, allowing user intervention or recipient rescheduling when needed
  • BMI OrganIQ:  AI-based transplant outcomes prediction tool that will utilize BMI’s unique clinical study data set.  Paired with mobile app to support real time tracking and clinical decision making.
  • DEVOL Solution: Acellular perfusate that mimics the oncotic pressure, osmotic pressure, and acid-base balance of human plasma

*Computer-generated images: depict envisaged commercial OrganBank™ Transport and OrganBank™ Nest


Organ viability icon

Organs can be assessed for viability, expanding pool of transplantable organs.

One solution for multiple organs and tissues.

Longer preservation times allow longer transport distances..

..and more flexible surgery scheduling.

Our Partners

Duke University
ExVivo Organ Lab (“DEVOL”)
Atrium Health
Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine (“WFIRM”)
RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO)
Atrium Health
Division of Abdominal Transplant
Carolinas Medical Center
UNC Kidney Center
Duquesne University
School of Pharmacy
Department of Defense
Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine
BMI OrganBank is an North Carolina Biotechnology Center portfolio company