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BioMedInnovations, LLC – Winston-Salem, NC – June 4, 2022

BioMedInnovation (BMI) announces its collaboration and support of a distinguished international team led by Dr. Giuseppe Orlando involving a Keynote presentation – “Artificial Mitochondria Transfer (AMT) to Mitigate Ischemic Damage in an In Vitro Model of Tubular Injury and in an Ex Vivo Porcine Model of DCD Renal Transplantation” –at the 2022 American Transplant Congress in Boston, MA.

Chip Aardema, BMI’s Head of Perfusion, collaborated with a team of surgeons and physicians from the United States and Italy to deliver the study undertaken at Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), Winston Salem, NC.

The study explored whether artificial mitochondria transfer mitigates renal injury in an in vitro model of tubular damage and an ex vivo porcine model of transplantation of circulatory death kidney using BMI’s proven CaVESWave® organ and tissue perfusion platform.

Chip Aardema said, “the team at BMI was delighted to play our part and that our CaVESWave® platform enabled an American-Italian team to deliver a groundbreaking study that concluded that Artificial Mitochondria Transfer mitigates damage both in vitro and ex vivo.”