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BioMedInnovations CEO Carrie DiMarzio presented a talk (“Tools for Preservation“) at the Sociedad Mexicana de Trasplantes (Mexican Transplant Society) on June 24th, 2022, during the “Deceased Organ Donors and Organ Preservation” session.

In this talk, Carrie spoke first about BMI’s patented cardio-vascular emulating CaVESWave® system as a versatile ex vivo and pharmacodynamic research platform and then shifted to a discussion on bringing related multi-organ OrganBank products to the market (OrganBankTM, OrganBankTM Transport Unit, DEVOL Solution Perfusate, and related products).

This presentation included a discussion on pre-clinical trial data on normothermic kidney preservation for greater than 24 hours using BMI technology and the application of BMI technology to enable advances in regenerative medicine and the acceleration of drug development and gene therapy through research. Notable examples included applying the perfusion technology to study complex colloidal artificial oxygen nano-carriers adapted to machine perfusion.

Carrie also highlighted the proprietary advantages of OrganBank products, which include temperature-controlled perfusion, the extension of preservation times, auto-adjusted perfusion flow, the ability to recover organs, the application of all organs to a single platform, and real-time tracking and vital metrics.

*BMI intends to seek FDA Clearance for its first mobile device in 2023 and once secured to begin by focusing on the Kidney Transplant market.”