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“BMI OrganBank™ is offering something that could transform kidney transplantation, which is beneficial to thousands of patients, but could also alleviate a massive burden on the medical system. The recently-announced deal with Atrium Health is impressive for a company at this stage and creates a lot of appeal as BMI OrganBank seeks further investment. It’s very appealing to potential investors for the company to already have this foundational support from the end user of their technology.”

Issac Perry
Head of Biotech & Life Science Ecosystem Development

BMI OrganBank is a medical device company that develops organ and tissue transplant solutions. The company tackles the preservation issues that plague organ transplantation, developing multiple products that can improve the evaluation, preservation, and transportation of organs–starting with kidneys–with the ultimate goal of decreasing the number of patients on waiting lists for organ transplants.

Sector: Medical Device

Company Stage: Early Stage. BMI OrganBank is conducting preclinical research, but keep an eye out. BMI OrganBank is working toward FDA approval for clinical trials and just announced a deal with Atrium Health to help test its technologies in a hospital setting.

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