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BioMedInnovations, LLC – Winston-Salem, NC – February 2, 2022

BioMedInnovations (BMI) announces an exclusive license agreement with Duke University, Durham, NC, to commercialize and bring a new acellular solution for the perfusion and preservation of organs and tissue in research to the market.

  • BMI collaborated with Duke University’s Ex Vivo Organ Lab (DEVOL) to develop DEVOL Solution™ using BMI’s CaVESWave® organ and tissue perfusion platform and OrganBank™.
  • The DEVOL Solution™ is an acellular perfusate that mimics the oncotic pressure, osmotic pressure, and acid-base balance of human plasma and provides critical electrolytes like sodium, calcium, and potassium. DEVOL Solution™ allows OrganBank™ to operate at sub-normothermic temperatures.
  • The confidential composition of DEVOL Solution™ is held by Duke University and is a BMI trade secret.
  • BMI aims to supply DEVOL Solution™ for use with its current and future perfusion devices, with its research partners and clients, and for commercial use with other devices and other purposes.