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BioMedInnovations, LLC – Winston-Salem, NC – September 15, 2015

BioMedInnovations (BMI) announces that a leading research team has published the successful results of a study undertaken using the CaVESWave® organ and tissue perfusion platform. The article, published in the prestigious journal Transplantation Society, reports the findings of an international collaborative team using the CaVESWave® organ and tissue perfusion platform that produces a cardioemulating pulse waveform. The international research team sought to investigate how extracellular matrix scaffolds obtained through the detergent-based decellularization of native kidneys, which represents a promising platform for investigations aiming at manufacturing kidneys for transplantation.

Nine donated human kidneys were machine-perfused at 4oC for 12 hours with modified Krebs solution using BMI’s unique cardioemulation perfusion technology, which produces a pulse wave that generates physiological systolic and diastolic pressures and flow rates within the organ. The system can control the oxygen content of the perfusate above and below physiological norms.

The team’s results indicate that discarded human kidneys represent a viable source of renal scaffolds, given that they maintain a well-preserved structure, ensure vascular function, and possess growth factors fundamental to achieving scaffold re-cellularization in vivo due to their angiogenic properties.