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BioMedInnovations, LLC – Winston-Salem, NC – May 24, 2022

Entrepreneurs in the regenerative medicine space can now experience support from the world’s first organization dedicated to advancing regenerative medicine manufacturing scale-up and automation – the RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO) – to speed up the translation of technologies to patients.

As two driving forces of the regenerative medicine field, ReMDO and its collaborating research partner, the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), have launched the Innovation Accelerator housed at the WFIRM. This proximity provides access to state-of-the-art biomanufacturing equipment, industry expertise, and talent to support novel prototyping and commercial product development through its ReMDO Test Bed. New tenants in the Innovation Accelerator include players in regenerative medicine and biotechnology. Moving from Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, the first tenant to sign is BioMedInnovations (BMI), a company that focuses on innovative technologies that work toward solutions for tissue and organ perfusion and preservation. Their reduced-scale mobile platform, OrganBankTM, will help the medical field transport donor organs further and for longer to help more patients. BMI is seeking FDA clearance to begin a focus on the kidney transplant market.

“Joining the ReMDO Innovation Accelerator space in Winston-Salem has just enabled us to find collaboration, engage in the ReMDO Testbed with our devices, and to launch faster,” said Carrie DiMarzio, CEO of BMI. “We are learning and gaining feedback to improve our designs of these devices. Everything starts with learning and when we learn and work together, we’re all winning together.”

WFIRM director Anthony Atala said the new companies coming to the Innovation Accelerator represent a broad range of technologies, such as 3D printing and cell and tissue therapies. “We are excited to see the Innovation Accelerator officially launch. This endeavor helps us advance the regenerative medicine field nationally,” Atala added.

Gary Green, Chief Operating Officer of ReMDO, said, “With support from WFIRM and many area businesses that support the regenerative medicine field in areas such as the production of reagents and diagnostics, we believe these companies can be successful in getting their technologies commercialized.”

The Innovation Accelerator is a critical component of the Regenerative Medicine Hub (RegenMed Hub). This ecosystem brings together and draws upon the resources and talent available through the Innovation Quarter and includes regenerative medicine-focused entities dedicated to advancing the field nationwide. Several regenerative medicine start-ups and established companies already operate in RegenMed Hub and the region, offering expansive resources for entrepreneurs and life science professionals.


WFIRM Media Contact: Bonnie Davis,; 336-713-1597; 336-493-6184.

BMI Media Contact: Mark Finlay,; 202-550-2120.